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The first inclusive section in Russia of adaptive sports of figure skating for children with the diagnosis of autism and other mental disorders "Crystal puzzles" is a unique experiment in sports which exists since the year 2016.

Thank to the trainings in the section "Crystal puzzles" children with an 'invisible disability' got for the first time the opportunity to get to know with such a beautiful and difficult type of sport as the figure skating.

Through all the course the children develop not only the physical skills but also attention, memory and self-control, discipline, they learn to work in a team. The pleasant addition of the course in "Crystal puzzles" was the creation of natural inclusion where kids with certain features train and make friends with neurotypical (those who develop normally) fellows.

The success of our students infuse the confidence which shows that we move in a right direction having as a goal the development of the adaptive  types of sports in our country.
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