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The activity of the first Russian inclusive section of adaptive figure skating for children with a diagnosis of autism and other mental disorders "Crystal puzzles" aims at the kids' adaptation and integration into society with the help of the adaptive sports, and also at the physical development of children with the limited abilities of health.

At the beginning the section was created for the kids with autism specifically but the teaching methods seemed to suit to kids with other  mental disorders as well. "Crystal puzzles" is the parent experiment that started working in 2016 and since the year 2018 it is transformed into the same-called section where the regular group trainings for children with the features in development are organized by the author methodology of A.V. Shakirova.

In the first season of the "Crystal puzzles" section 30 children attended the course, in the second one their amount increased to 60 children. And more than 75 kids with autism and other mental disorders currently attend the section. And the quantity of the requests of those who want to join us rises constantly.

No matter what is the severity of diagnosis and other deficits, all the kids who study regularly have the permanent progress in physical psychical and emotional development and also there is an enormous improvement in the skill of social interaction.

For us the criteria of success are:
- Personal progress of every student
- Social interaction improvement
- Creation of the advancement zone for every student
- Improvement in intrafamily relationships, between parents and siblings of the student
- Motivation, self-control and self-reflection increase
- Ability to participate in the section events (fests, team fees, team building exercises)
- Participation in passing control tests of the section
- Participation in competitions

The project "Crystal puzzles" clearly shows the modernity, demand and the necessity of introduction of inclusive model of education and leisure in Russia as an effective way of including the children with the special needs into the society.

"Crystal puzzles" students with mental disorders got earlier the special access to the figure skating course in a specially made adaptive environment taking in account their requirements and deficits. Also they have the possibility to spend their leisure time with joy and usefulness among the neurotypical children and adults.